Using our unique technologies, we permanently Identify electrical cables and valuable assets 

Our identification methods are impervious to being burnt

Stolen electrical cables are routinely burnt to get rid of insulation and to effectively destroy all existing identification measures. This prevents authorities from proving cable ownership  and origin – and therefore that a theft has taken place.

Of all the copper cable thieves caught in South Africa, over 80% are repeat offenders.

Of those thieves that are caught, only 7% are convicted – the other 93% have to be released because ownership cannot be proven. Thieves therefore remain free to carry on stealing cables.

Our identification methods are impervious to being granulated

Stolen cable copper is also routinely granulated to destroy the possibility of owner identification and effectively prevent conviction.

Our identification methods are impervious to being melted into ingots

The theft and granulation of copper is a common practice in the scrap metal industry, where thieves steal copper from construction sites, electrical wiring, and other sources and then sell it to scrap dealers. However, the stolen copper is often identifiable by its markings or other unique features, which can reveal its origin and link it to the theft.

To avoid being caught, some thieves have developed a technique called granulation. This involves melting down the stolen copper and then breaking it up into small granules or pellets. By doing this, the copper is no longer identifiable by its original markings or shape, making it much harder to trace back to its source. CableDNA technologies make this practice impossible.

How it works

Law enforcement officials  use a mobile phone and an inexpensive hand-held magnifier to determine copper origin and ownership 24/7/365 from anywhere on the planet 

Using a patented world-first identification method,  CableDNA ensures that cable identification is possible even after burning, granulation or copper melted into bars. Electrical cables marked using the CableDNA identification solution can be positively identified by law enforcement officials online 24/7/365 from anywhere on the planet using a smartphone.