Bulli for Masts and Cages

Bulli protects your cables in tunnels, in cages and on masts.

Thieves normally short-circuit the cable they want to steal, cut it on both ends and pull out the whole length.

The Bulli system anchors the cable so that it is impossible to easily remove the whole length of cable as before. The system inhibits horizontal movement to prevent pulling the cable out sideways to prevent upward pulling of the cable.

Not being able to pull out the cable, the thieves are now reduced to cutting the cable at every anchor. The time taken to steal the cable now exponentially increases the thieves  chances of getting caught.

Bulli Installation steps for Masts and Cages

Drill the holes

Position bushes, saddle and cable

Insert the bolts and fix the nuts

Tighten the nuts and snap them off

Drill 4 x 10mm holes at the installation position using the cable saddle holes as a guide.

Position the bushes around the cable and place the cable saddle over the bushes.

Insert the 4 bolts – dome side up – through the saddle holes and the metal base so that the square shoulders of the bolt engages with the slots in the saddle. 

Tighten all 4 shear nuts until they snap off. Your cable is now secure.